PJ Story Time!

…..at Joyce Ellington Public Library in San Jose, CA

p1010132-1The children’s librarian, Karolina, invited me to host their evening “Pajama Story Time” with the theme of  “Bath Time Fun”.  Before reading my book, If You Don’t Take a Bath, we named all our body parts. While I read the book, amongst giggles and “oh’s”,  they checked to make sure there was nothing growing or crawling on them! Next we sang songs to get the wiggles out.


Then I read another bath story, I Don’t Want to Take a Bath by Julie Sykes with my little friends helping me tell the story on the felt board. Karolina had a special surprise to end the evening with Bath Bubbles. All of us, children, parents, Karolina and me, had a great time!

Fun with bubbles and an unexpected bouquet!

Author: Sally Hutchins Willett

Sally grew up in Birmingham, Michigan in a happy, raucous family of seven. She received her teaching degree from Michigan State and masters degree from Dartmouth College. After many adventurous years, Sally, her husband, David and daughter, Julie, settled in Fort Collins, Colorado. They love to hike, fish and camp in the Rocky Mountains and travel throughout the world. Gardening is also one of Sally's great loves. Sally has always enjoyed telling stories to children and is delighted that this story is now a published book. She thanks her daughter, Julie, for her design layout and editing preparation, and son-in-law, Ben, for his imaginative illustrations.

One thought on “PJ Story Time!”

  1. Sally. You looked like you were having too much fun!! Job well done. The kiddos will remember your book for a long time! Enjoy.


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