Special Halloween Edition ~ If You Don’t Take a Bath by Drake and Sabine

Although it’s only March, my 4 year old grandson, Drake, announced there should be a Halloween version of If You Don’t Take a Bath!  As my readers know, the consequences of not taking a bath are dire such as carrots growing out of your ears, bluebirds nesting in your hair, and frogs lingering between your fingers. Drake and his buddy, Sabine, have come up with “the Halloween horrors” of not taking a bath.  Drake has bats flying out of your ears, yellow slime dripping between your fingers, and a spider web sticking on your belly button. Sabine thinks worms will crawl out of your ears, a spider will sit on your nose, and little skeletons will dance on your elbows. They have great creepy imaginations inherited from their mothers! A delightful way to enjoy this story is to make up your own silly or scary version with your little ones. It is quite humorous to hear what they imagine will grow out of your ears!


Author: Sally Hutchins Willett

Sally grew up in Birmingham, Michigan in a happy, raucous family of seven. She received her teaching degree from Michigan State and masters degree from Dartmouth College. After many adventurous years, Sally, her husband, David and daughter, Julie, settled in Fort Collins, Colorado. They love to hike, fish and camp in the Rocky Mountains and travel throughout the world. Gardening is also one of Sally's great loves. Sally has always enjoyed telling stories to children and is delighted that this story is now a published book. She thanks her daughter, Julie, for her design layout and editing preparation, and son-in-law, Ben, for his imaginative illustrations.

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