My Last School Visit!

Author Reading at Lopez Elem ~March 11

I was looking froward to a spring term of author readings at bookstores, preschools and elementary schools in my area, but Covid-19 has put a stop to that! Fortunately, I had a great time with three classes of kindergartners at Lopez Elementary in Fort Collins before spring break and school closures. Looking forward to next fall!

Summer Adventures and Book Sharing

My husband and I took our dream trip to Alaska this summer in our camper. We meandered our way from Colorado to Bellingham, WA and meet up with friends to travel for three days up the inner passage on an Alaskan ferry to Haines, AK.  For the next five weeks we wandered though the grandeur of Alaska’s mountains and rivers and made our way to the Yukon and British Columbia before returning to Washington. We stopped at several libraries and donated my book. It was fun to talk to the small village librarians to learn how they came to their towns.  This is the Hope Community Library.


Alaska is spectacular at every bend!


Favorite Cat Stories

One of our daughter’s favorite books when she was young was Jenny and the Cat Club and now we’re passing the stories down to her son. This collection has wonderful stories about the adventures and lessons learned by little Jenny Linsky, a small shy black cat, who lives in New York and her Cat Club friends. (By Esther Averill).

Interview by a Local Radio Host!

Kristen Olsen’s “Tunes & Tales” KRFC 88.9

Kristen Olsen who hosts Fort Collins, CO  KRFC 88.9 (PBS) children’s program “Tunes and Tales,” invited me to be the “Tales” part of her Dec 12th broadcast. We recorded my portion today.  The program will be broadcast at 6pm (MT time) Dec 12th.

It was my first recording session, but after a few minutes of nervousness, I had a great time! Kristen gave a brief summary of my background, and we discussed the inspiration for my book, If You Don’t Take a Bath. It was so much fun to do a pre-reading activity and then read my story for her listeners. Kristen concluded with follow-up questions including, “What message would you like to give our readers today?” and “Where can kids find your story?”

Watch the video clip below for a short preview (yes, it will turn right side up!)

Click here to buy now!  If You Don’t Take a Bath

What Could Happen If You Don’t Take A Bath?

Many people have stopped me when I carry my tote bag and ask me, “What does happen if you don’t take a bath?”  I say there are  “serious consequences!”  Here are three of many..
Think about it:  A squirrel could store acorns in your belly button or bluebirds might nest in your hair, and then there is that snail that would slide around your nose! What else could happen?  There is a little ladybug that witnesses it all. After a reading with plenty of giggles, kids have a great time making up their own consequences and, no doubt, are more eager to get in the bathtub! A “seriously” funny book for kids 2 – 7 years old. Awarded Royal Dragonfly ~1st Place for Children’s Picture Books 2017. Order online or in your favorite bookstore.


Independent Author’s Conference

We had a great time at the IAC sponsored by my publisher, BookBaby!

We met many “Rock Stars” of the independent publishing industry who unselfishly shared their experience and expertise.  Now, we have a long list of “to-do’s” to help promote the book to a wider audience.

The conference ignited my enthusiasm to get started on my next book 📚
Steven Spatz, President of BookBaby
Steven Spatz, President of BookBaby

Rock Stars 🌟 of the Independent Publishing world share their knowledge with me!