~ You can now buy ~ If You Don’t Take a Bath!

I am excited to tell you that my book is now available for purchase at Bookshop!

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I know you will have a great time reading this with your little ones!

My First Book is at the Printer!

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When I was teaching primary school, I always enjoyed making up stories to tell to my students.  This was one of their favorites.  After many years, I was excited to find a gifted illustrator.  Benjamin Norcross, my son-in-law, created the imaginative artwork which tells my story in a delightful way.

My book is currently at the printer and will be available for purchase in a couple weeks. I will keep you posted!

Please feel free to browse through my new author website ( using the menu options (top right corner).  You can view my “home page” and a personal “about” bio page.  Also on the “contact” page you can sign up to get future blog posts as soon as they are published.

The publisher describes my book in this way:

“A humorous take on bath time struggles. Avoid the pre-bath wrestling match and keep bath time fun. This book of imaginative illustrations will have your children laughing and wanting to take a bath. Large colorful full page images accompanying smart, witty, and motivational quips. Read along with your children to keep them laughing and slightly terrified of the consequences of not bathing!”

If You Don’t Take A Bath

Coming Soon – My First Published Work!

A delightful tale of what happens if you don’t take a bath!  My daughter’s love of getting as dirty as possible and then delaying her bath for as long as possible was the inspiration for the story.  My little redheaded niece, Jae, is the inspiration for the illustrations drawn by Benjamin Norcross.

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