Interview by a Local Radio Host!

Kristen Olsen’s “Tunes & Tales” KRFC 88.9

Radio Interview

Kristen Olsen who hosts Fort Collins, CO  KRFC 88.9 (PBS) children’s program “Tunes and Tales,” invited me to be the “Tales” part of her Dec 12th broadcast. We recorded my portion today.  The program will be broadcast at 6pm (MT time) Dec 12th.

It was my first recording session, but after a few minutes of nervousness, I had a great time! Kristen gave a brief summary of my background, and we discussed the inspiration for my book, If You Don’t Take a Bath. It was so much fun to do a pre-reading activity and then read my story for her listeners. Kristen concluded with follow-up questions including, “What message would you like to give our readers today?” and “Where can kids find your story?”

Watch the video clip below for a short preview (yes, it will turn right side up!)

Click here to buy now!  If You Don’t Take a Bath

Author: Sally Hutchins Willett

Sally grew up in Birmingham, Michigan in a happy, raucous family of seven. She received her teaching degree from Michigan State and masters degree from Dartmouth College. After many adventurous years, Sally, her husband, David and daughter, Julie, settled in Fort Collins, Colorado. They love to hike, fish and camp in the Rocky Mountains and travel throughout the world. Gardening is also one of Sally's great loves. Sally has always enjoyed telling stories to children and is delighted that this story is now a published book. She thanks her daughter, Julie, for her design layout and editing preparation, and son-in-law, Ben, for his imaginative illustrations.

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